Structural / Civil Engineer Standard Terms and Conditions

T1           General

T1.1        We will undertake the full duties as Consulting Civil and Structural Engineers with our underlying Terms and Conditions of Engagement being as described in the appropriate Association for Consultancy and engineering (ACE) Agreement as revised to comply with the Laws of the Island of Jersey, a full copy of which can be provided upon request. The addressee of the proposal will be our client and the signatory of the proposal will be the Project Director.

T1.2        We have assumed we are not the project administrator unless specifically agreed otherwise.

T2           Self-Certification to Building Control:

T2.1        Since January 2008 the Building Control department has implemented a self-certification system as per the attached Guidance for Clients. Ross-Gower Associates is an Approved Body for the SER Certification scheme having three Approved Certifiers. An Approved Certifier will issue the certificate on behalf of the Approved Body and in so doing they shall not be held personally responsible or liable for the certificate.

T2.2        You must ensure your third party suppliers provide us with the necessary information, including checked design calculations and drawings. Without this information we will not be able to complete the structural certification. We need sufficient time and notice to complete the certification process after receipt of the building permit and before any construction on site.

T2.3        Certification fee quotes are based on charged time as the supply of information from third parties is outside our direct control. In addition each certificate incurs a fee to Building Control which will be charged as a disbursement at the current rate at the time of certificate issue. Further information and detail of certificate fees can be obtained from the official Structural Engineers Registration website:

T3           Site Attendance:

Any time charge estimate within in the proposal for attending on site to monitor our elements of the works will be partly dependent on how often the contractor or Building Control Surveyor require us to attend and the conditions exposed on site during the works. We will discuss and agree our level of involvement with you. If a different number of visits are required this figure will be adjusted accordingly. Unless specified, we have not allowed for attending on site for progress meetings but will be pleased to do so if requested on a time charge basis.

T4           Fees

T4.1       We are registered for GST and the fee quotation does not include the amount of GST to be added.

T4.2        We will claim interim fees and disbursements on a regular basis. Our standard terms are for settlement within 21 days and we reserve the right to charge interest on overdue accounts at a rate of 1.5% per month or to withhold release of SER certificates if fees are unpaid.

T4.3        We reserve the right to revise our fee by mutual agreement should the project change to any significant degree, should we become involved in significant abortive or re-design work, or if our design work is still ongoing 12 months from appointment.

T4.4        We ask for at least 6 weeks’ notice for the commencement of our detailed design and drawing duties.  In addition we require receipt of the Architect’s final bye-law drawings before we can start that final design and drawings work. 

T4.5        This proposal is valid for 6 weeks at which time we will reserve the right to update our proposal and programme.  If we have not received instructions after 3 months we will assume we will not be appointed and will close our file.

T5           Exclusions: Unless specifically covered within our proposal, we would clarify that we have not allowed for:

T5.1        The design of any specialist items which are typically designed by third parties, such as timber frames, engineered timber, balustrades, glazing, brise soleil,  etc.

T5.2        Regarding drainage, it is assumed in the proposal that the disposal of rainwater will be by connecting to an existing sw outlet or by soakaways on site.  We have not allowed for work on offsite drainage or the specialist design of permeable paving, onsite treatment plants with drainage fields or the M&E aspects of a pumped scheme.

T5.3        The cost of any contractors employed to carry out investigations, to be paid by the client direct.

T5.4        Any duties in respect of any contractor’s temporary works.

T5.5        Any additional duties caused by the discovery of any unforeseen or adverse ground conditions or buried obstructions or defects within the existing buildings, structures or drainage.

T5.6        Surveying the site or any setting out.

T5.7        Any external works beyond those covered within the fee proposal.

T5.8        Any formal duties in respect of the role of Health and Safety Project Coordinator, as defined by the current Health and Safety Regulations, although we may be in a position to accept an appointment as such on an agreed fee basis.